Monday, July 13, 2009

I have Type 4 Endometrios

I've had endometriosis since I was 15 years old. I had my first period at the age of 12. Currently I'm 21 years old, going on 22 soon. I've lived most of my life with this disease riddling my reproductive system. Just recently on July 7th, I went through a laparascopy surgery where they discovered that my endometriosis has now become a type IV.

Sadly I don't have the pictures to post yet, but I have an appointment with my current OBGYN on July 15th 2009, I'll get the photos taken of my endo and post them here.

I've made this blog in hopes to help other women with my problem and as a personal archive. I hope to keep pictures, sonograms, studies, doctor's counsils and words kept within. Not only for me to remember and go through later but for other women to know and have a first hands look on what it's like to go through this desease. Their options, what things might help and what things definately won't help.

Hopefully this blog will be helpful not only to me but for the hundreds of other women out there who have my same problem. I myself have tried to explore the internet for any information on type 4 endo I could get and I've come up with barely anything. Most data I find is full of hypothesis and maybe's and could's and didn'ts and don'ts.

Well, I might not be a DR, I don't have a PHD on this and very much less a bachlors. But I do promise all the information I provide will be first hand from someone who is experiencing all the tests, surgeries, medications, and pains caused by Endometriosis.

If anyone ever had any questions, suggestions, advice, anything to add or any doubts at all, please feel free to comment me and I will be as quick as I can to reply.

My name's Yans, and this is my journey with Endometriosis. I will start from when my pains began and finally get to the point where I am today. Slowly but surely. I hope my posts will bring some light to other women's conditions around the world.

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